4 Benefits of Responsive Website Design

July 18, 2022

4 Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Over 96% of users have landed on websites without having mobile users in mind (according to Google). And over 48% of them felt frustrated.

That’s a lot of customers to potentially lose because of bad website design. Fortunately, there’s a somewhat easy and affordable fix.

Create a responsive and mobile-friendly website.

In this guide, you’ll find the definition of responsive website design and how it can help your business. Productivity- and lead-generation-wise.

Keep reading, and you can transform your website for the better.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive website design is an approach that causes your website’s pages to change design-wise based on your users’ screen orientation, screen size, and web browser.

To adjust a website’s responsiveness, web designers and developers will use images, page layouts, and flexible grids. Among other practices.

4 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Significantly more benefits come from weaving responsive website design into your website. But there are too many to list. Thus, we’ve compiled some benefits that’ll make the most impact.

The following section will cover each benefit and why it’ll help your website attract more users.

1: Helps Improve SEO

Google Introduced Core Web Vitals, a search engine optimization (SEO) ranking factor that considers website speed and user experience. A responsive website satisfies a few requirements within this algorithm factor:

  • Website speed: your website may load better because your website better distributes and sizes elements
  • Image responsiveness: properly resizes images based on screen size (this can significantly impact speed)
  • Mobile-friendly website: this tells Google that users will have an easier time seeing your website on small screens

Don’t only rely on Core Web Vitals to boost your rankings. Google WILL prefer a website relevant to users’ search inquiries over a fast website.

2: Reduced Bounce Rates

Bounce rates refer to the percentage of users visiting a website and leaving after visiting a single page. That means the lower the bounce rate, the better.

Various factors contribute to higher bounce rates. Some include slow-loading websites, intrusive banner ads, and a horrendous user experience. Weaving a responsive website into your development process can tackle all three issues.

Ads will fit the screen better, so they may take up less visual real estate. Thus leading to happier users.

With elements taking up less visual real estate, users will have an easier time navigating your website and finding the content (or product) they came for. And this also helps the user flow through your marketing funnel.

Since responsive websites optimize the order in which your elements appear, your pages will load quicker.

3: Makes It Easier To Maintain Websites

A traditional approach included creating a separate mobile website. This will cost your business more time and money. You’ll also have to dedicate staff (or freelancers) to maintain the separate site.

Responsive website development allows your website to fit onto mobile websites without creating a separate site. You’ll also have a single administrative interface. This will enable you to add and edit content for your entire site on a single platform.

4: Condensed Website Analytics

Having separate websites, a mobile and desktop version requires two analytics sets. Separating your analytics properties like this can lead to you or your marketing team wasting time finding how users react to your content.

Simplifying your data by condensing it into a single property puts all your information into one area. And don’t worry; many analytics programs will give you all of the information you could need for mobile users.

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