Best Practices for Creating Facebook Lead Ads

September 28, 2020

Best Practices for Creating Facebook Lead Ads

On the Facebook Ads platform, Lead ads let you run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Lead ads are different because they include a contact form people interested in your ad can fill out with their details so you can follow up with them.

What’s So Awesome About Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook makes collecting high-quality leads super easy. Not only are lead ads designed to get you the information you need to contact respondents, but they also make it so easy for users to respond that they are more likely to engage, knowing it’s a quick process to complete.

Benefits of using Facebook Lead Ads:

  • Contact forms are included in your ad: When people click on your lead ad, they are prompted to fill out a short form.
  • Choose which questions to ask in your form: Customize questions in your lead ad Instant Form to tailor them to your business and marketing needs.
  • Downloading your leads is easy: You can download your leads directly from Facebook, or connect a CRM like MailChimp or Salesforce to send over leads directly.

Best Practices for Creating Lead Ads

When creating your lead ad and Instant Form, use these best practices to reach more people, and increase conversion rates.

Best Practices to Improve Lead Ad Performance

Include an engaging image or video and relevant call to action in your ad: Your lead ad should encourage people to click on it to open the Instant Form. Make your ad as engaging as possible and clearly communicate why people should fill out your form.

Determine the right budget: Global reach can scale your campaign quickly, but receiving thousands of leads in a short time can overwhelm your sales team or call centers. Use Ad Scheduling in the Campaign Budget Optimization section of Ads Manager to ensure that your team will be ready to respond to leads as they are submitted.

Run your ad on Facebook and Instagram: Extend the reach of your campaign by using Automatic Placements to deliver advertisements on both Facebook and Instagram. This optimizes delivery to reach the most relevant people in a platform-agnostic manner. Note that not all features are available on Instagram.

Reach people who look like your best customers: Use a Lookalike Audience to reach people with characteristics similar to your current customers. For lead ads, we recommend using an audience based on existing customers rather than those who have submitted a form so you can reach the people that are likely to provide the most value to your business.

Reach people who previously engaged with your lead ad: Create an Engagement Custom Audience to reach people who started your Instant Form but never finished it. Capitalize on this intent to encourage them to complete and submit your form.

Best Practices to Increase Conversion Rates for Instant Forms

Use the Intro section: Include relevant information in the Intro section of your Instant Form to communicate more information about your business and what people can expect when they submit your form.

Keep your Instant Form simple: Avoid overwhelming your audience with too many questions. Keep your questions aligned to your goal, and ask as few questions as possible to make it easier for people to submit your form.

Include prefilled fields: Make it easier for people to submit your form by including questions that will prefill answers based on the information people have already given to Facebook.

Use multiple-choice questions to qualify your leads better: Ask multiple-choice questions to help you better understand or qualify your leads. Fewer multiple-choice questions result in a higher conversion rate, whereas more multiple-choice questions typically result in fewer, higher quality leads.

Limit the number of short answer questions: Requiring people to type in multiple pieces of information may prevent them from submitting the form. As an alternative, try using Multiple Choice questions to collect similar information.

Use the Thank You Screen: Customize the screen people see after they submit your Instant Form to encourage them to take another action.

Test various Instant Form lengths: Consider running an A/B test where you measure completion rates, cost per lead and cost per conversion against the length of the form to make sure your form is meeting your business goals.

Getting the Most Out of Facebook Lead Ads

There are people out there who want to hear from your business, but filling out a long form (especially on a mobile device) can be difficult. Facebook lead ads make lead generation simple and fast for you and the ad viewer.

People can just tap on your ad, and the form pops up pre-populated with their Facebook contact information, ready to be sent directly to you. It’s a win-win situation where they get the information they want, and you generate qualified leads for your business in just a few taps.

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