Growing Your Business With Google Ads

April 1, 2021

Growing Your Business With Google Ads

What do you know about growing your business with Google Ads?

Growing local and small businesses is tough when competing in a crowded market of similar and larger businesses. Your search engine optimization is working to increase your visibility online. Still, even with the best SEO strategy in place, the first page of Google search results is a highly competitive landscape.

When SEO isn’t getting your business to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), Google Ads and other paid search channels such as Microsoft Advertising can level the playing field for smaller businesses – especially in local searches.

When looking for the best return on investment for your marketing dollars, Google Ads remain unmatched.

Can Google Ads Grow My Small Business?

Every day millions of consumers use Google’s search engines and properties to look for products and services like those you provide. With Google Ads, you can get in front of those future customers, paying for your ad only when someone engages in clicking through or calling your business.

All evidence points to Google Ads being one the fastest and most cost-effective ways to grow your business:

According to a 2018 S.M.B. Perceptions survey by Google and Ipsos Connect, the main goal of advertising online for 90% of small business owners is to get customers to call, visit a store, or make a purchase.

WebFX reported that 65% of small-to-midsized businesses have a P.P.C. and data shows that 73% of the paid search market share belongs to Google.

A report from Clutch.com showed 90% of consumers say ads influence their purchase decision and 75% of users say paid search ads make it easier to find information.

Google’s own economic report showed Google delivers an 8 to 1 return on investment, so for every $1 spent on Google Ads, advertisers saw an $8 return on average. No other marketing channel with such a low barrier of entry can boast of a higher return on investment.

What are the Benefits of Using Google Ads?

Google Ads are highly effective because by using keywords, you can ensure your ads show only to search users who are interested in what you’re offering. They help businesses get their name, offers, story, and products in front of relevant customers across all of Google’s channels and partner sites.

The biggest benefit of using Google Ads to grow your small business is that these pay-per-click ads put your business in front of a prequalified audience that is more likely to want to know more about your business and make a purchase.

In 2018, Google AdWords switched to Google Ads and made Smart campaigns a default, making it easier and faster for small businesses to create ads in minutes that drive actions such as phone calls, website traffic, or in-store visits.

Hyper-Targeting Capabilities are another Google Ad benefit due to Google’s wealth of user and historical. This allows for targeting options that ensure your ads are displayed only to potential customers.

This budget-friendly and flexible platform works well for beginners who want to learn by trying or are working with limited marketing funds. Don’t know what your marketing budget will look like four months from now? Or three weeks from now? You can still run ads today and not worry about committing huge chunks of your marketing budget with pay-per-click (P.P.C.) ads. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so set your budget ahead of time, cap it at a certain amount of spend, and you’ll never spend more than you’ve budgeted for.

Google Ads was Designed Small Businesses in Mind

Recent updates show developers kept small businesses in mind when creating the Google Ads platform. Not only is it easy to create an AdWords account, but the site walks you through identifying goals, creating ads, setting up targeting, and sending leads to the right place.

You can take a D.I.Y., set-it-and-forget-it approach with the dozen Google Ads tools provided because ads run on your schedule and budget. But it’s also easy to designate an agency or P.P.C. specialist to manage your Google Ads campaigns for optimal results.

Getting the Highest Return on Investment

Google Ads provides the reach and flexibility small businesses require with little commitment and the possibility of big returns.

To get the highest R.O.I., you’ll need to understand how to utilize the multitude of campaign and planning tools for continuous optimization. Because the platform is so feature-rich, anticipate the need to stay up to date on the latest trends and commit to some level of ongoing management. Luckily, Google makes it easy for you to share or outsource the management of your P.P.C. campaigns.

If you need help with setting up Google ads, and with how you can get the highest return of your digital marketing investment, contact the experts at S3 Media Group today at 318-219-5353 for a complimentary online strategy meeting.

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