Instagram Shops Best Practices

February 7, 2022

Instagram Shops Best Practices

Instagram Shopping gives businesses more ways to reach their users with their products and services. But at the same time, there are a lot of other companies taking advantage of the same feature.

To make your brand stand out among the other businesses and reach new customers, you’ll need to learn the best ways to optimize your Instagram Shop. You will also find upcoming updates coming to the massive social media platform.

We know that many things have changed over the years and that it has been easier to sell your products to customers.

However, Instagram has transformed e-commerce with Instagram Shops, which is one of our favorite ways to increase online sales. When we ran social media in-house at a craft company of medium size, we saw the difference. Our sales nearly tripled when Instagram Shops allowed us to tag products in posts.

Let's now get to using Instagram Shops.

1. Tag Products in Your Posts and Stories

A 2020 Instagram Trends Research Study indicates that around 44% of users also use the app to shop each week. But how does a shop stand out among the millions of competitors? One way is to tag your products in Instagram stories and posts.

First off, you’ll need to enable Instagram Shopping and upload your products to your account’s catalog. Afterward, you can tag relevant products your followers will love in your reels, stories, feed, live shopping, and even in your profile biography. There are plenty of ways that you can use product tagging in posts to beef up your social media marketing, which we’ll cover in a moment.

2. Keep Your Product Catalog Up-to-Date

Instagram’s Trends Research Study also showed that 1 in 2 people surveyed had used their application to find new products. This could also be your product. However, to increase the likelihood of users finding your product, you must optimize each listing.

Some ways that you can optimize your Instagram catalog’s listing is to include information like:

  • Insert information like gender, product type, and color into your titles
  • Ensure whether your product lists whether it’s in stock
  • Add as many applicable ‘Optional Fields’ to your product as possible
  • Craft a quick, yet descriptive product description

3. Design Instagram Shopping Guides

Instead of just tagging products in pictures, why not take your marketing to the next level? Over 130 million people tap product tags in posts to reveal them each month. First, however, you need to give them a reason to do so. Design shopping guides that’ll catch your followers’ attention.

These shopping guides give you a means to repurpose your content by combining published blog posts or product listings and Instagram carousels. With each story in the carousel, you’ll want to include an introduction, a title, a featured image, and a quick yet captivating call to action (C.T.A.).

4. Always Use a Strong Call to Action

A strong C.T.A. can differentiate between a sale and a potential customer switching to a competitor's products. If you’re not familiar with this term, it’s when you ask a potential customer to visit a specific page. An example of a C.T.A. that converts is, “Contact Us Now.”

You can add C.T.A.s anywhere on your profile. However, you’ll need to ensure that you have them in your profile, Instagram posts, stories, and images. When creating a solid call to action, you want to avoid simple terms like “Buy” or “Contact.” Instead, try “Try Yours Free” or “Get Premium Support.”

Upcoming Instagram Changes

To ensure you remain up-to-date with best practices for Instagram, you’ll need to follow the social media platform’s updates. The following is an update that you’ll need to consider when tinkering with your profile.

Algorithm Updates

Throughout 2022, Instagram will transform the way its platform promotes posts. For example, the social media platform’s algorithm will prefer promoting engaging and original videos over recycled content from other social media platforms.

Also, Instagram has become a bit more transparent with providing influencers and brands information on how they can engage more users. Some of what they’ve mentioned include using fewer hashtags and prioritizing shoppable posts and video content.

Focus on Video Content

With Instagram wiping IGTV from their platform, Instagram will now focus its video content toward Instagram Reels, short-form videos. Since the platform’s algorithm will focus more on videos, the removal of “Swipe Up” stickers, the return of “Link” stickers, and their affiliate program for creators, both brands and creators must show more personality to survive on the platform.

However, this also gives you more opportunities to present your products and make your brand special.

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