Using Your Website for Lead Generation

January 25, 2021

Using Your Website for Lead Generation

The growth of any business can be predicted by the owner's ability to generate a steady stream of quality leads. For many small businesses when there are no leads, there are few new customers and no business growth.

Your business website is not only your online business card but also a powerful lead generation tool. Make sure your website is set up to collect new leads.

Local Lead Generation from Your Website

First, you’ll want to look at your website analytics. You need to know what kind of traffic you’re currently getting. You’ll want to see how many people are coming and how long they stick around before clicking to another website. Most importantly, you want to know if they are engaging with your website by opting-in, leaving feedback, clicking links, or taking surveys.

Use that information to understand how users travel your website and how to get the most out of your lead generation efforts.

If your traffic is too low to get good analytics (because of so little data), start focusing on creating web pages and blog content that is properly optimized to increase your business website visibility online and attract more traffic. This is so important to your business's health and future growth that you should consider hiring a professional who specialized in Search Engine Optimization to ensure your website and its content is attractive to search engines and search engine users.

  • Make it Mobile-Friendly

Many consumers exclusively check out businesses on their mobile devices. We want to make decisions on the go, and that includes purchasing decisions. If potential customers are checking out your business on their mobile devices, your website MUST be mobile-ready.

Google has prioritized mobile-friendliness and speed as ranking factors in search results, so it’s not optional for any business website. Not only does mobile-friendliness help your SEO, but no matter how a potential customer found your site, they want to navigate and view the information they are looking for easily.

  • Pop-Ups

Popups are used so frequently for lead generation because they work! With unmatched versatility, popups can be used dozens of ways and triggered by a multitude of different user actions.

Here are just a few of the ways a visitor on your website can trigger a popup:

  • Entry popups appear when a viewer lands on or opens a page.
  • Click popups open when a user clicks a specified link.
  • Timed popups are triggered when a visitor has been on the page for a set amount of time.
  • Scroll popups appear when the visitor has scrolled down a certain percentage of the page they’re on.
  • Exit popups are triggered when a visitor’s mouse leaves the window.

Local lead generation benefits from any of these popups because they all encourage website visitors to give you information you can use to contact them. Entry popups allow you to offer something valuable enough to exchange for contact information. Similarly, exit popups give you an opportunity to provide something that will make the visitor stick around for a little longer, like a Lead Magnet.

  • Lead Magnet

Not every website visitor is looking to contact you for a sales talk. Most are searching for more information. A lead magnet is a perfect resource for lead generation. Lead magnets provide prospects with more information, demonstrate your expertise, and gather contact information on leads who have displayed an interest in the topics you covered in the lead magnet.

Your lead magnet's topic also serves as a pre-qualifier for leads who might be open to the solutions you provide – putting a website visitor a step closer to being your next customer.

Whether it is a banner, popup, or inside a blog post, offering a quality and highly relevant lead magnet in exchange for an email address is a lead generation machine you need on your website.

  • Testimonials, Reviews, and Call to Action

Build trust and credibility with website visitors by displaying customer reviews and testimonials prominently on your website. The high praise of other customers remains a huge influence on the buying decisions of future customers.

Take advantage of that five-star glow by including a clear call-to-action close to reviews asking visitors to do something (opt-in, download, visit) that moves them from unknown website prospects to engaged and interested leads. Make it very obvious what your website visitors should do next to get closer to solving their problem.

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