Google Business Profile Updates: How They Will Affect You?

April 14, 2022

Google Business Profile Updates: How They Will Affect You?

Over 5% of Google Business Profile (GBP) visitors will result in customers performing an action. These could include calling, a website click, or directions to your business.

Despite these benefits, many businesses have yet to claim their GBP. Are you one of these businesses?

Whether you are new to using the tool or a long-time user, you will need to learn about Google Business Profile and its most recent changes.

Keep reading to learn what this business management platform is. Also, find several Google Business updates and how they’ll affect your business's ability to rank with local search engine optimization (SEO).

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business (GMB), serves as a tool for organizations and businesses to manage their presence throughout Google’s applications. A couple of examples where customers will find your business include Maps and Search.

When you verify your business on GBP, people, along with Google, will see your business as reputable. You can use this tool to provide your customers with information regarding your business.

Some information includes your website, hours, address, images, products or services, and reviews.

What’s New With Google Business Profile?

Ever since the tech giant transformed Google My Business, the service has undergone several changes to make managing Google Ads, Analytics, and information easier.

Throughout this section, you will find those changes and learn how they affect your business.

Google My Business Rebranding

In November 2021, Google replaced its Google My Business program with Google Business Profile. This change stemmed from the tech giant wanting to give businesses easier access to their business information.

Access Business Messaging From Your Desktop

A live chat feature is likely to increase your customer conversions by at least 20%. If you aren’t familiar with the chat feature on Google My Business, you are missing out on leads.

This feature has become significantly easier to access. For a while, you could only find the messaging feature on the GMB mobile application. Most account owners have never used this app and will find this change irrelevant.

You can now access the live chat feature through your desktop dashboard for GBP. To find this feature, click “Customers” and afterward “Messages” when a popup appears. The chat screen will give you a chance to reply to any customer inquiries.

You Can Access GBP From Google Search and Maps

Before, to access Google Business Profile, you had to do so through a desktop. Because of this, you would have to use a longer URL that would make it harder for users to find your listing.

To make lives easier for business owners who are already short on time, Google has made it so you can access your GBP in Google Maps and Search.

When accessing your listing, you will first need to log into the account associated with your business. From there, type your business name into the Google search bar.

As the search engine results page (SERP) pulls up your listing, you can access these options:

  • Update information: your business phone number, description, category, and other information
  • Respond to business reviews
  • Create Google Ads or a post to promote special offers
  • View insights, star ratings, and Google Analytics

Since you now have the ability to easily edit your information, you will have everything that you need to access in one spot. This provides a more user-friendly work environment, which beats having to navigate to different applications.

Removing the Google My Business App

Businesses can manage their Google Business Profile in the Google My Business mobile application. Because the tech giant is moving their business management to browsers, they will stop supporting the app. This change will happen within the next few months.

Google has assured us that the way customers interact with your business won’t change. The only changes that you’ll need to make are where you edit your information.

While they’re removing support for their mobile app, the tech company will maintain support for the desktop application.

Why Should You Use Google Business Profile for Local SEO?

If you haven’t registered your Google Business Profile, you want to reconsider. Aside from making it easier for customers to learn about your business, this service offers plenty of SEO boosts.

By creating a free GBP, you’ll have a chance to land a spot in Google’s 3-pack format. This type of format allows you to appear above the fold on the first SERP. Businesses in the 3-pack receive an increase of clicks by 44%.

When considering factors outside of SEO, you will need to think of Google reviews.

Responding to them is crucial for helping your business stand out. When customers see that you acknowledge their requests or questions, more will likely visit your business.

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